Yearling Bull Sale 2024

March 14, 2024

We will offer our yearling bulls for sale on Thursday, March 14, 2024 at our farm. The sale will start at 1:00 PM after a complimentary beef lunch that will be served in our barn. Bulls will be inside the barn for your inspection before and during the sale! Bulls will be sold by auction. Phone bids will be accepted. We strive to conduct an informal, relaxed atmosphere sale for both the customers and the bulls! Feel free to come mingle with the bulls!

These bulls are the spring 2023 born calves strictly from our herd of Simmental and Angus/Simmental cows. Performance data will be provided on all bulls. Sale catalogs will be sent to previous buyers and all interested. We will include as much information as possible on the website also.

The majority of the bulls offered will be from Artificial Insemination (AI) of our cow herd. We breed all cows for one cycle of AI and then turn in clean up bulls. We have a small selection of bulls from the clean up bulls. These bulls will be identified in the sale listing.

Our sale information will include:

  • EPDs on all bulls provided by the American Simmental Association (ASA) – these EPDs are enhanced by the DNA of the bull – i.e., Genomically Enhanced EPDs.
  • Birth weight
  • Weaning Weight & Height measurements
  • Pelvic measurements for bulls & heifers
  • Carcass scan information – ribeye size, etc.
  • Parentage verification through DNA
  • All vaccinations and treatments will be in sale information

Our sale information will include:

  • “Short & Sweet” --- We value your time! The sale will be immediately after a noon lunch and we will auction off bulls and have customers on their way!
  • Bulls will be housed in our calving barn – out of the weather --- for your inspection anytime Wednesday afternoon through the sale!
  • You are always welcome to visit the bulls any time before the sale! They will be in the corral by our barns.
  • The sires we use are performance proven and are backed by high accuracy EPDs.
  • We will keep bulls at our place at our expense until the Breeding Soundness Exams are completed by Gregory Animal Clinic. This includes semen check and scrotal measurement along with Bovi-Shield Gold FP 5-VL5 booster or equivalent.
  • Bulls will be delivered after the Breeding Soundness Exams are completed. Generally after April 15th.

Presently we have 29 bulls in the Bull Pen for the 2024 Sale --- including both black and black white-faced bulls!


TMore info on the bulls will be included here as it becomes available!! Contact Betsy Senter via email, text or call 605-830-1948 if you want to receive a printed catalog.


2024 Yearling Bull Sale


*** Bull Information and Photos will continue to be updated as information becomes available *****  Please check back!

Sale Day! March 14, 2024