Welcome to B & B Simmental Cattle

Offering Simmental and SimAngus cattle for sale including bulls, heifers and breeding stock, we are located in one of the best cattle producing areas of the country, south central South Dakota between Burke and Gregory. Exceptional roughage, productive pastures and plentiful feedstuffs make this area popular for cow calf operations. But we might be a little prejudiced!

We are pleased you are looking in on our cattle and hope you see something you like here, so you will drop in to see us in person. We are excited about the progress made in our cattle and the Simmental breed. Simmental cattle have become a standard for crossbreeding with Angus based cattle.

Our goal is to raise modern, efficient cattle for our own use and to share genetics with other producers to help them achieve similar goals. We like quiet cattle that calve easy and grow. Research now has shown that quiet cattle grow quicker, more efficient and return more profit...Click HERE to learn more about our philosophy and genetic program.

Sale Day! March 14, 2024